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Frequently Asked Questions before registering

  • How does the NS Business Card work in the Dutch Public Transport System?
    This is best explained in a video made by the NS, use this link: Checking in with the NS Business Card.
  • What will it cost me?
    Cognizant provides everybody with a transport Allowance, but this allowance is not for every the same. You can read which types of public transport costs made with the NS Business Card are reimbursed, and which ones (if any) will be settled with you, in the Cognizant NS Business Card Policy.
  • What if you already have travel cards?
    You can cancel your current card and switch to the Cognizant card. The NS can help you with how you can cancel your current card. TC&O Mobydesk can help you to order the new NS Business Card with a effective date that starts after the cancellation date.
  • How long will I have to wait to use the card?
    You need to take in account a delivery time of 10 working days before you receive your card by post.
  • What are the steps when I receive the card before I can use it?
    You can immediately use the card on the effective date. This means you can go to the bus or station and check in without any prior steps. So you don't have to charge your NS Business Card.
  • What if I have recently moved or Cognizant has the wrong address?
    TC&O Mobydesk works with the data provided by Cognizant. So the address Cognizant has, must be the right address. But you can also change your address in the Mobilty Portal.
  • Other, or more general questions?
    TC&O Mobydesk has a FAQ which complies to most of our employers we serve. You can open these with this link: FAQ.